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"The experience of actually being on the set and amongst the actors makes you more aware of your surroundings, and as there are only enough seats for twenty or so people you do not feel overwhelmed.

Set designer Samuel Kent has used the width of the stage and has used black curtains to obtain the shape of a train carriage and with good use of sound effects and lighting you really do feel as if you are cocooned inside a tube.

Actors Rik Grayson, Errol Smith, Rachel Worsley and Harki Bhambra do a splendid job, as does writer and director Joe Ward Munrow with his strong script and unique approach to theatre."

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"The Unity Theatre once more captures the emotions of modern living in Mind The Gap, the pushing of boundaries exemplified in Mr. Ward Munrow and Ms. Carmen’s electrifying hour. Great theatre doesn’t need to be grand, it just has to speak to you with understanding and heart, both of which were on offer. Mind The Gap takes the audience to places which might feel claustrophobic but offers much to explain the human condition when confronted by unchecked paranoia."

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Sam Freeman

Sam has been Unity's Marketing Manager since June 2010. He is also a freelance writer, director and occasional stand up comedian. His favourite performers are Daniel Kitson, Will Adamsdale and anything written by Tim Firth. Follow him on twitter @mrfreeman1984

Website: www.samfreeman.co.uk
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